Whether you have a cherished antique that needs restoring or a contemporary piece that needs repairing, we should be your first choice.

We offer our skilled service to all throughout London and Surrey, bringing all types of furniture back to their former glory.

About Penrose Restoration

Established in 1997 by Julian Penrose-Smith, Penrose Restoration specialises in the repair, restoration and finishing of fine antique furniture to a museum standard. I am an experienced conservator and restorer. My business is well established and I provide a bespoke service to a range of clients across London and Surrey.

My team of highly talented and experienced craftsmen has mastered the necessary skills and methods of fine furniture conservation and restoration. These traditional skills have been passed down through generations of fine furniture makers and conservators. We take great pride in every step of the process – from pick-up to final delivery – ensuring the upmost care and highest standard of work at every stage.

Furniture Restoration

– Structural Damage
– Sun Damage
– Water Damage

Furniture Conservation

– Carving and marquetry
– Paneling and staircases
– Reviving sun damaged finishes
– Boulle work


– Desk Leathering
– Chair Caning


– French Polish
– Color Matching
– Guilding
– Spray Finishes
– Burnished Wax Finishing


Personalized Service

All the work undertaken can be carried out in our fully equipped, secure and insured premises or on site where applicable.
We examine each piece individually, before explaining any repair and restoration we feel is required. The assignment is then tailored to meet your needs and budget.

If you would like to discuss any work, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are also available for advice or condition reports on any potential purchases whether from auction houses or furniture dealers.


Decorative Finishes

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Services we offer

Furniture Restoration

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, degree qualifications and traditional apprenticeships in the industry, your furniture is in excellent hands and will be returned to you fully transformed. You can be assured that every restoration and conservation process undertaken will take into consideration the importance of retaining the authenticity and value of the item.

We examine each piece individually, before explaining any repair and restoration we feel is required and provide a detailed descriptive quote. The assignment is then tailored to meet your needs and budget. At each stage of the restoration process we evaluate the best processes and traditional methods to be used. If you would like to discuss any work, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Penrose Restoration can also offer my experience to private customers seeking advice as to the condition and authenticity of potential purchases.

Furniture Conservation

Although we have an excellent proven history for the care and conservation of antique furnishings, for many years now we have been one of the few to gain a strong reputation in the conservation of 20th Century world design. Alongside our highly regarded reputation in antique repair and conservation, we have pioneered the skills and techniques required when dealing with 20th Century world design pieces.

Modern pieces are very varied because of the range of construction methods, variety of materials and different finishing processes used. We have developed an intricate understanding of 20th Century furniture and a whole new skill set and specialist techniques which enables us to restore such pieces successfully whilst preserving their integrity and character.

A serious collector of antique furniture will insist the final result to be authentic and retain as much original tone and patina as possible and the same can be said for the connoisseur and collector of contemporary design. Therefore complete consideration for the authenticity and therefore value is paramount when conserving the antiques of the future.

French Polishing

At Penrose Restoration, we understand the time and care it takes to restore and repair your furniture. That’s why we take great pride in providing a high standard of work and a fine eye for detail, so you are never in doubt of a first class service with us.
Our extremely skilled and well trained polishers are experienced in working on furniture from all periods and fully understand the correct visual results required for every item that is entrusted to our care.

Adopting a myriad of different approaches, techniques and products, we take great pride in the quality of the final result. Tailoring the method of restoration, from applying hand mixed stains to the skillful application of polishes, both traditional and contemporary.
From fine-pigmented colour work or traditional French polishing, to bespoke spayed finished, all items are finished by hand to the highest possible standards. We also offer a colour matching service so you can be sure that your furniture will be timber stained, coloured and French polished to match the existing finish. If you would like to find out more about our French polishing, please get in contact.

Furniture Conservation

With twenty two years’ experience dedicated to the art of fine upholstery and soft furnishings, our upholsterer takes great pride in creating beautifully proportioned work and pays careful attention to every stage in the process from start to finish. Traditional techniques and skills are combined with a wealth of experience to give both period and contemporary seated furniture a new lease of life.

Whether you have a single chair, or a full suite of furniture that requires attention, our professional upholstery service will always produce a final result that will guarantee customer satisfaction.

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