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Although we have an excellent proven history for the care and conservation of antique furnishings, for many years now we have been one of the few to gain a strong reputation in the conservation of 20th Century world design. Alongside our highly regarded reputation in antique repair and conservation, we have pioneered the skills and techniques required when dealing with 20th Century world design pieces.

Modern pieces are very varied because of the range of construction methods, variety of materials and different finishing processes used. We have developed an intricate understanding of 20th Century furniture and a whole new skill set and specialist techniques which enables us to restore such pieces successfully whilst preserving their integrity and character.

A serious collector of antique furniture will insist the final result to be authentic and retain as much original tone and patina as possible and the same can be said for the connoisseur and collector of contemporary design. Therefore complete consideration for the authenticity and therefore value is paramount when conserving the antiques of the future.